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A Selection of Quality Parts and Hardware in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Whether a crucial part of your system has become damaged and needs replacing, or you are looking to upgrade your computer and improve its performance, we have the computer parts and hardware that you need. Based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, we stock a diverse selection of computer hardware to suit your needs. For clients that do not want to risk taking their computer apart, we also offer a free fitting service.

All of the Hardware You Need

At Cambridge Computer Centre Ltd we are your one-stop shop for computer parts. Although we offer a number of software programs, such as anti-virus and internet security packages, we also stock an extensive hardware range that includes:

• RAM Drives
• SSDs
• Extension Cords
• Power Supplies
• Tools
• Printers
• Optical Drives
• External Hard Drives
• Keyboards
• Batteries
• Operating Systems
• Ink
• Internal Hard Drives
• Graphic Cards
• Mice
• Tablets
• Cables

Reputable Brand Names

To ensure that our clients always receive the highest standard of product, we source our hardware from industry-leading manufacturers, including big names such as HP™, Toshiba™, Dell™, and Asus™. Once we have received the products from the manufacturers they are made available to our customers.

Sourcing Individual Parts

Thanks to our extensive connections in the industry we are able to source specific parts for customers. Usually they are delivered to us and available within five working days, however rare parts that are more difficult to source may take up to three weeks.


A Complimentary Assessment

As a courtesy to our clients we offer free quotations and basic assessments of their systems. This involves a visual inspection that aims to determine an issue. If we are required to use our systems, however, a charge will be levied.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

All of our work is centred upon providing the client with the best service and outcome possible. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our business, and over the years we have managed to preserve a high standard of service. Whether you are looking for a part or require a repair  we will use our knowledge and expertise to arrive at the best solution possible.

Contact us now, in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, to discover more about our computer hardware and parts.